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Welcome to The Armies Of Heleman! The Armies is a small, friendly guild led by myself and my husband Heleman. We welcome and accept anyone who is interested in membership as long as they understand and are on board with our Guild standards.  Our members and officers are considered our friends and family.  If you are interested in joining the Armies, please send us a tell and we can run a few quests or do a trial membership to see if we are the right guild for you. 
Let us call this " THE ARMY CODE "  This will be the manner in which we hope to run the guild and what is to be expected of all new members and officers.
   As members of The Armies of Heleman, we understand that the " ARMY CODE " is a list of standards that are expected from each of us in order to maintain a clean, friendly, and family oriented guild. We are not in game for drama or to add stress to life but to have fun!!! 
I will: 

1. Show respect for my fellow guildmates and other players in game.  I will look for the best in everyone, and not gossip about others errors and faults.  If I have a problem I will take the time to address it with that person in a  calm, adult like manner.

2. Do my best to work with my team to make each quest enjoyable for all regardless of different play styles.  I will  be dependable while questing in groups and raids.

3. Keep my chat clean and absolutely no swearing in guild.  I  will not bring up topics that could bring contention into the group or offend others.

4.  Be honest and will not lie, cheat, or steal.  I will treat others the way I wish to be treated.  

5.  Take full responsibility for my actions.  I will not be quick to anger and blame others for my mistakes.   

                                                 OFFICERS --- all of the above +

1. Recruit others who are aware and on board with our standards aka: " ARMY CODE "

2. ALWAYS let guild leaders know of new recruits so they can be welcomed appropriately.


                                                Leaders ---all of the above +

1. Be available for guild meetings and carry out the decision as the majority rules.

2. Keep officers informed on any new information about the game that you are aware of.

We would like to thank Pay It Forward for inspiring us to put into action what we have been trying to instill in our guild for the last year. We are happy to have found a group of people with the same mind set as ours and are truly grateful!  We realize that none of us are perfect and we each have our own faults. This is simply a guideline to help us  "try a little harder to be a little better!!! "

---- Heleman and Vierna-----   " remember, this is a game folks!  What's the worst that can happen? "

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If you are interested in joining The Armies of Heleman, please contact one of us and we can run a few quests or do a trial membership to see if this is the right guild for you!
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